• Indonesia’s Leading Pioneer of
    Z-Wave Technology

  • Indonesia’s Leading Pioneer of
    Z-Wave Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Smart Home?

    Smart Home is an automated, economical and energy efficient latest innovations of smart technology, which is allow any home electronic devices to be controlled remotely. This innovation allows you to reset any alarms, turn on/off any lights and easily monitor any of your home activity.

  • What is Z-Wave?

    Z-Wave is the next-generation of wireless ecosystem which allows all of your home electronics think smart and able to communicate each another via remote control that use low-power radio waves and easily travel through walls, floors and cabinets.

  • What is the difference between Z-Wave and Wi-Fi?

    Z-Wave uses much lower both frequencies and emitting power as it is a mesh technology, where Wi-Fi as a connecting network not only can be a huge battery drain consuming both laptops and smartphones battery but also it’s vulnerable to security exploit and attack.

    Both Z-Wave and Wi-Fi technologies send information wirelessly that interconnects a large network of devices and enable every devices to communicate and depend on the advanced security so that the bits send are not received by wrong devices. But while Wi-Fi will have problems with sending and receiving large amounts of data from the entire house, Z-Wave will not burden it’s network with transferring large amount of data since the information sent in Z-Wave is a simple short command such as “switch on/ off the light” and updates of the statuses of particular devices such as “the door is closed”.

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