Why Smart-Phi?

The digital era has brought us to technologies updates and supporting smart devices for life.

A lot of innovations have been created uplifting life efficiency improvements. Such as Internet of Things (IoT), the IoT comes and gives a lot of opportunities in human life to have efficiency in many sectors, from saving time, money, energy to emission.

Unfortunately, the technology provided has not been maximally used. That’s why, Smart-Phi is here to be the solutions in improving your everyday life with technology.

Smart-Phi is a leading pioneer of Z-Wave technology in Indonesia, specialize in smart-automation products to bring the best experience of integrated technology solution to your life.

Our Vision
  • ● We strive to be the most trusted company in integrating technology in this modern era.
  • ● We aims to increase the use of technology to improve comfort and ease of life in this modern era.

Our Mission
  • PARTNERSHIP: We will be partners with all smart products, so it can be applied to the community.
  • HOME: Technology can be applied in various places. Therefore wherever you are, we will make you comfortable as you are at home.
  • INTEGRATION: We will help people to integrate all existing smart product as wished.


Our system is compatible and works in most brands. Live with flexibility and comfortably with Smart-Phi.

Privacy guaranteed

Smart-Phi knows, what matters the most. We make sure your privacy data are securely safe and protected. Because we prioritized and value privacy.

Choose your own preference

Smart-Phi understands people has their own preferences, therefore we provide how you would like to interact with your devices.

Z-Wave Technology

Z-Wave technology helps you to create easy yet comfortable one-touch scenes. Z-Wave able to works with no internet connection to access and control your smart devices.

Energy Saving

With Smart-Phi, now you can access and monitor you electricity usage. This allows you to prevent you to pay for the unused electricity usage and save up more!

Dreams do come true

Now you can live in the dream life you wish with ease and discover the comfort and convenience life you ever want to.